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"Be Honest, Be Fair and Give Great Service"

Since 1953, Johnny Janosik has strived to give the best customer service possible. From the professionalism of our sales team, to the courtesy and prompt deliveries from our warehouse and delivery staff to the attentiveness of our customer service department. After all, it is our customers who have made us what we are today.

Customer Reviews

5 Stars.

I've been looking for the perfect queen bedroom set and walked into the clearance dept at the Laurel, JJ and the 2nd set I looked at I fell in love! Remy was such great helped and put a package deal together for me! After having my parents furnish our whole beach house from JJ, of course I knew my experience would be just as awesome! So happy thank you again! Happy Holidays!

- Nicole Christine

To Whom It May Concern,

Recently, my mother and I shopped in your clearance center store. While there, we were able to purchase a very good amount of furniture at an extremely acceptable price. We cannot wait for it to be delivered! In the meantime, we have been talking and still can't get over the experience we had while in your store. Not only was your entire staff outstanding but, one individual just never gave up on us, even with the most off the wall questions.

Josh Messick was the associate that assisted us during our shopping process and I literally can't say enough about him. He made my mom and me feel beyond comfortable and he had an answer for every question we asked. Having such a knowledgeable, fun, personable person on your staff is something to be commended for. We left there with no questions, knew exactly what we were getting and when we were getting it. From helping us choose colors that matched to making sure we were 100% happy with our decision, Josh was just excellent.

We haven't had new furniture in years and were so excited to even be looking for it, Josh made that experience better than we ever imagined. I never thought I would be saying that furniture shopping was made fun, but, it truly was and my mom was so happy with the outcome of the day.

The purpose of me writing this letter is to let you know what a wonderful element you have in your business with Josh. Retail can be a hard business to be in and you would never know that when dealing with him. Josh exudes happiness and positivity. We could tell that he really wanted to help and really wanted to see us walk out happy. Josh has a brilliant future ahead of him and I hope your company recognizes that. Thank you for your time.

- Alexandra

Dear Mr. Koehler,

I've attached a copy of your letter which you sent in response to my original letter. This letter is to, first, thank you for your letter. Secondly, I'd like you to know that because of your letter my wife and I purchased a new mattress set on 10/6/12 and because of our sales consultant, Lindsey McGee, and her professional, friendly, and helpful attitude we will continue to use Johnny Janosik as our source in the future to meet our furniture needs. Additionally, the delivery team was one of the best (if not the best) we've ever had make a delivery to our home.

I'm not going to take up too much of your busy schedule; I just felt that I wanted you to know that you've regained us as faithful customers because of the things I mentioned in the above paragraph.


Good afternoon,

I have been remiss in getting this email off to you and before anymore time passes, I wanted to take the time now to share some thoughts on a recent experience my husband and I had while shopping at your Laurel store. We recently put a contract on a home in Ocean View and began our furniture search several weekends ago. When we entered your showroom, we were greeted by sales consultant, Lindsey McGee. From the first handshake and introduction to the final handshake and goodbye’s, Lindsey was an absolute pleasure to work with. When we first met her a few months ago, we were just window shopping and indicated that to her upfront. She was pleasant, professional and allowed us to browse at our leisure, without constantly being at our side. She never gave us the impression we were wasting her time, since we told her we were not, at that visit, going to be purchasing/ordering anything quite yet. Weeks later and once we received mortgage approval, we set out in serious shopping mode and returned to Johnny Janosik, specifically asking for Lindsey.

Our most recent visit was an open and almost close-the-store visit, since we arrived when you opened at 10:00am and we left around 7:30 p.m. Lindsey was incredibly helpful, patient, courteous, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about your product lines. I honestly cannot find enough words to compliment her for her superb level of customer service. We found her to be invaluable and the management at Johnny Janosik is very fortunate to have her as a team member. By the time we were finished at 7:30 p.m., we all were exhausted (although Lindsey never indicated that), however we had accomplished our goal of selecting furniture for every room of our new beach house, including our screened-in porch.

My husband and I thanked Lindsey for her hours of help and told her it had been a pleasure working with her. She was very gracious and thanked us for our business, sharing the same sentiment about working with us. We were given your names and email addresses because we asked for them. Lindsey never asked or prompted us to reach out to you. My husband and I believe she is to be commended for her attention to detail, her courteous manner and the outstanding level of customer service she extended to us on both visits. We don’t have much left to buy to complete the house, but if we choose to return to Johnny Janosik, we would certainly ask to be helped by Lindsey. You are fortunate to have such young talent representing your business.

Best regards,


Dear Ms. Haynes & Mr. Koehler,

Receiving your generous letter recognizing me as a valued customer and thanking me with a $100.00 in-store credit toward a future purchase was indeed heartwarming.

Let me congratulate you on your excellent reputation not only for satisfying your customers and earning their confidence for more than 56 years but also for the recognition that you have received in your years of committed service. I know that I am one of many who value your business and look forward to visiting the "World of Furniture Galleries."

A million thanks to all of you for efforts and kindness!

Best wishes for bountiful success in the future!


From the Desk of Robert F. Gilligan - DE State Representative

Speaker of the House - 19th District

Dear Mr. Koehler & Ms. Quillen,

I'd like to acknowledge an employee of Johnny Janosik....

I recently spoke to Ms. Patty Littleton from your Customer Service Department and would like to bring to your attention the outstanding customer service I received from Ms. Littleton. She was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous when assisting me with several questions and products/items purchased a few years back.

Ms. Littleton is truly an asset to your company.


Dear Sir,

In January 2012, I purchased my "Dream Home," in Heritage Shores. I was extremely fortunate to be able to 'Furnish and Style," my home in its entirety with furniture, that not only compliments the style of the house, but that is a perfect fit.

I have always enjoyed decorating and I feel I have been successful at creating a comfortable, cohesive, well designed space. With an open floor plan this can be a bit of a challenge, but with all that you have to offer, that task came effortless!!

I wanted furniture to compliment the style of my home, which is my "Retirement Home," and while I'm living on the Eastern Shore, this is not a condo at the beach, rather, my Primary Residence. While I did not want "Fish and Seashells," The Queen Anne furniture from the Williamsburg Collection, needed to be left behind with the two Story Colonial. While I did not know what I wanted...... I knew what I did not want!!!

I browsed through every Furniture Store in Maryland and Delaware, and there was nothing to compare with Johnny Janosik. The store is beautifully appointed, well staged, and diverse enough to accommodate anyone's personal taste. My salesman, Jim Lynagh was a dream to work with. He has gone above and beyond to make this entire experience positive and productive for the best possible outcome!! Jim is the consummate professional!! I found him to be warm, friendly and extremely patient. I have so much respect for his knowledge, experience and his amazing customer service savvy! Jim was available 24/7 in person, by phone and/or email. I feel this is infectious, as everyone that I worked with, additional sales staff, customer service, service technicians and even the delivery people were absolutely exemplary.

I was delighted with my Gorgeous New House, which has been transformed into a Warm, Welcoming and Delightful Home. My builder has brought several clients to my home to showcase his work, which is such a compliment!! I always leave Jim's business cards for those showings, making sure that Johnny Janosik is both recognized and recommended. Many Thanks.


Dear Friends:

What a delight it was to be greeted on July 3 by a complaisant assembler from Johnny Janosik's Furniture Store, who assembled two of four beautiful dinette chairs that I could not assemble because of an insufficient number of bolts and screws provided.

Bringing great satisfaction, this kind of gesture alerted me to realizing that Johnny Janosik's staff appreciated my business and wanted me to be a satisfied customer.

For your help and support, I am most grateful and do commend you for all of your efforts. Best wishes!


Dear Mr. Hurley,

I feel I that I should bring to your attention the outstanding customer service which I received from Kathy Melvin on numerous occasions.

First, a little about me and my living situation. I'm an M.S. patient and am mostly bed-bound. We're not all in as good of health as Ann Romney or Montel Williams, unfortunately. I rarely leave the house and when I do, it's only because I have a doctor's appointment. Occasionally, we have company from PA visit us for a week or more and that's where Kathy Melvin comes in.

Since I can not physically come to the store and choose sofa beds, love seats, several recliners, coffee tables, ottomans, etc., Kathy Melvin has taken it upon herself to do the shopping for me. She asks the appropriate questions and I answer them. She takes the information to the floor and calls me back to describe a couiple of items that she thinks I might like. I'm not the pickiest person in the world but, I know what I like and what I don't like. So, sometimes the first round of suggestions are not a fit for my needs so, Kathy goes back to the floor for another round of suggestions. She repeats this run as much as it takes until we hit on the right thing - and we always do. The last sofabed and recliner were special ordered to fit my color preferences which is all I told Kathy - two words, that's all I gave her, chocolate and/or grey. Kathy suggested that she pick a sofabed and recliner from the floor and/or books and then she would suggest different fabrics,we would pick out a fabric and order them together. I later added a matching love seat which will be delivered this Thursday.

To make a long story a little shorter, Kathy took care of everything. On Christmas Eve, the day I was to have a number of adults and children fill my house, my brand new sofabed, with matching recliner and a beautiful, large, chocolate-colored ottoman that doubles as a coffee table was delivered to my house just before the guests arrived. What an awesome Christmas surprise that was! And, I feel I must mention that the delivery was originally scheduled for after the Christmas holiday but, after hearing me whine a little about having a houseful of people coming, and how nice it would be to have the furniture delivered before Christmas (this phone call was on 12/23/11), Kathy told me that she had something she needed to do but, assured me that she would call me back. She did call me back to tell me that the delivery date had been bumped up to Devember 24th, the very next day. I was ecstatic!

Mr. Hurley, it is employees like Kathy Melvin who go that extra mile (and in my case, even more than that) that keep customers coming back. I have shopped with Johnny Janosik exclusive for all my furniture, including beds and mattresses, for the last 13 years and I will be calling again, I assure you, as soon as the need arrives. I just hope Kathy Melvin is still there to do the shopping for me. I really need that extra help because it can be quite dizzying for Kathy at times, I'm sure, but she's never complained.

So in conclusion, Mr. Hurley, I hope this letter finds you well and, I hope it will shine a light on the good hard-working employees of Johnny Janosik, especially, Kathy Melvin.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. It is much appreciated, and please, do feel free to call me at anytime.


Thanks for making our shopping trip a good experience. Taking so much time, helping to make sure we were satisfied. We love our living room and have had many wonderful comments. It was a joy shopping at Johnny Janosik, from the time we entered the store to the nice gentlemen who delivered our furniture.

-Sharon & Lew

I am writing to you today, as I sit in my new home, to tell you what a pleasurable experience I had shopping for new furniture at your store in Laurel, DE.

At first, I must admit, I was overwhelmed by the size of your showroom. I had thoughts of going somewhere a little more personal. Then I met Lauren Stuart, and quickly felt reassured by her knowledge and ability to guide me through the various areas of the store that truly appealed to my tastes and needs. She showed me pieces that worked for me. Not all of them were grouping or pieces that were in the same manufacturer, but they seemed to work...and work well together.

I bought three rooms of furniture in the course of (3) visits (spent over $10,000), and Lauren was there to assist me each and every visit. You have really got a gem in Lauren here ladies… she knows how to treat a customer!

I look forward to recommending all my friends to her for their furniture needs.


I wanted to take a moment to contact you to let you know of our most pleasant experience in doing business with your store from the initial phone call till the delivery of a replacement piece of furniture that was damaged which was just delivered this week!


Initially handled my phone call for a leather sectional that I found online – we went to visit with her and ordered the sectional even though there was no floor sample. She was pleasant and knowledgeable and had contacted the manufacturer for a sample leather swatch and was able to answer all of our questions.


When we arrived to pick up the sofa, Marianne was on vacation but told us to work with her partner Roxanne - I had called Roxanne a day before asking her to set aside two (2) Broyhill Dining Chairs – she had everything ready! She even answered our questions about other furniture piece and took us around the showroom and then we went around back to load our rental truck and we went home.

Most importantly – when we got home and one piece of the sectional was damaged and one was the wrong piece – I called Roxanne right away - she was so pleasant, apologetic, got me in touch with customer service and made me feel like everything would be taken care of – and it was ! Never once did she tell me that I had to talk to Marianne, etc or that it was not her problem to work out, etc – she took ownership of the phone call and I was most impressed by her willingness to do everything even though we were not really her customer!


I spoke to Kristen several times that same day we picked up the sofa, sent her pictures of the damage and conversed with Kristen till she confirmed the solution to replace the piece of sectional that had been damaged. What a perfect person to have working in your customer service department! We communicated via phone and email and my husband and I knew exactly when everything was going to be fixed. The two (2) men delivered the piece this week – they were pleasant and we received a phone call (yes, I cannot believe we got a phone call) asking if everything had been done to our satisfaction!

Wow……that’s all I can say – from the start to the finish we encountered a customer focused employee at every department of your business. I was referred to your store by asking a friend at work where she bought her furniture – she immediately told me about a customer service issue she had and how wonderfully Johnny Janosik handled everything. I too can now say the same. Customer service is so important to so many of us, however, many businesses seem to lose focus that it is people that make the difference. Price is important, however, the people make the entire experience the reason why customers like myself will return to do business with your store in the future.

Thank you for making our experience with Johnny Janosik one that we have already shared with our friends & family. I just had to take a moment to tell you that you have a wonderful staff!

-Laura & Garry

This is a note to thank you for taking care of our problem with the defective Braxton-Culler rocking chair. Needless to say, we were very upset that a $700 chair should fall apart so quickly when it was hardly ever used. With the credit that was issued we replaced the defective rocker.

While we were in the store we also purchased a mantel curio and an additional chair. If it was not for your good customer service, we probably would not have continued to shop in your store, either then or at any time in the future.

We would also like to thank Lakiesha for her attention to this matter and for following up to see if everything was OK when the new furniture arrived.

-Rita & Jim

I would like to commend several of your personnel, namely, technicians Gene and Keith, as well as customer service representatives, Michelle, and especially, Kristen.

I experienced a comfort related problem with a recent purchase. There was a sincere desire and effort by these people to help me resolve my problem. I really appreciate their friendly, caring and professional attitude. They reflect Johnny Janosik, Inc. in a truly positive manner and are prime reasons that I will highly recommend your company in the future.

In this day and age, it is gratifying to find a company that gives genuine meaning to the term , customer care.


Two weeks ago my husband and I purchase furniture from your showroom. We wanted to fill out a customer survey but found there wasn’t one. Therefore, we are writing to commend your employee, Kathy Whitelock. Kathy was so helpful, patient and never pushy. She gave us our space, gave us plenty of time and answered our questions. She was so personable and friendly that we really wanted to let her supervisors know how much we appreciated her assistance. We are from out of town and she treated us in a respectful and “down to earth” manner. We are very grateful.


Thank you for exchanging the rocker recliner and sofa so quickly. Your tech support and customer service were very courteous and kind. They showed the goodwill your company has towards their customers. It was really appreciated.

-Jill & Montye

Please extend a thank you to Kathy Whitelock, Sales Consultant, at your Laurel facility. She is a consummate professional salesperson with outstanding interpersonal skills and in-depth product knowledge. It was truly a pleasure to work with her as we shopped, with her most capable assistance, for a sofa and recliner.

Having spent my career in a number of sales and marketing management positions for a Fortune Top 25 corporation, it was enjoyable for both my wife and me, a non-shopper, to work with Kathy. She is a super-star! Never have we found any salesperson in the retail furniture industry with the breadth and depth of her skill set.

Your new facility is wonderful. However, the key resource for us was Kathy Whitelock. Yes, we spent a few dollars and will return again, with the catalyst for our return being Kathy. Again, please extend our thanks to her, a very nice person with outstanding skills.


My wife and I wanted to let you know that we were pleasantly pleased with the action you took getting our lift chair repaired. This was the second time we had to have the chair worked on.

You sent us Gene Jones and he did an outstanding job. He took the chair completely apart to ensure a complete restoration. Gene is a credit to your organization as are you for resolving this problem with our chair.

Again, we wanted to extend our thanks for your excellent service, timely response, and the outstanding craftsman who performed the repairs.

-Peg & Baxter

Thank you very much for working so hard to resolve the problem with the recliner that was delivered to my home on June 11, 2007. The replacement recliner was delivered yesterday, August 22, 2007. My husband and I are both very pleased with the new chair.

As a result of your efforts to insure my satisfaction, I will remain a loyal customer. Thank you again and I hope to run into you in the store in the near future.

-Carol Beth

Many thanks to you for the service we received, to your company for having the kitchen set we have been looking for, the search was at least 2 years running and we’ve received many nice compliments about it, and for the delivery men that were sent. They were very nice and efficient. Again, thank you.

-Bea & Tom

Yesterday I had another delivery from your store. My first encounter with your company was when I purchased bedroom furniture from your Laurel store (approximately 6 months ago). At the time I was extremely impressed with my sales consultant, Lori Wells, and the delivery team, Quincy and David.

Guess what? They outdid themselves yet again. In July I came up twice to look for living room and dining room furniture. I bought a carpet and paint samples to show the colors I was using. Lori worked tirelessly with me to help me coordinate my new color scheme (which was not an easy task). She was very knowledgeable and offered great insight. When the furniture was delivered there again were the two gentleman that delivered my bedroom furniture months before. And again, they displayed what I can only describe as professional, courteous and efficient customer service skills.

I have had some horrible experiences in the past with furniture stores and deliveries so words cannot express my pleasure in the service your staff has extended to me.


As Johnny Janosik, Inc., seeks to provide exemplary service and quality products, feedback from customers undoubtedly represents and integral component of institutional evaluation and improvement., Surely, commendations to outstanding employees are part of your ongoing process of establishing and maintaining excellence. A credit to your organization is Penny Hirsch.

During several visits to your store this month, we were assisted by this highly competent professional. She went about her job with in-depth expertise, patience and outstanding human relations skills. Penny took the time to answer questions, explain product lines and provide unparalleled individual attention. We were especially impressed with her sincerity and gentle manner. The adeptness she brings to her position is the main reason we decided to purchase furniture from your business and will do so in the future. In addition, we will recommend your dealership to our friends and relatives.

No doubt you will contact Ms. Hirsch to offer your appreciation for her fine efforts. Beyond that, she is deserving of whatever forms of employee recognition your establishment has in place. Should nomination forms or similar paperwork be required for such programs, it would be our privilege to complete them.

Best wishes as you continue to lead an organization worthy of this highly proficient employee.

-Sharon & Ron

I am extremely pleased with the delivery today of my sofa. The three gentlemen who arrived were prompt, courteous, happy, careful and knowledgeable. They introduced themselves to me and shook my hand, and they were very happy to move my old sofa downstairs, which was a huge help. I wish everyone could be so friendly. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


Visit any Johnny Janosik location and experience the Great Customer Service that has made us one of the top 100 furniture stores in the US according to “Furniture Today Magazine”.