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Delta Children's Products at Johnny Janosik

In 1954, Louis Shamie became a first-time parent to his precious son Sam. Finding himself inspired by the new wonders of parenting, Louis founded Delta Children's Products which became incorporated in 1967. Since its inception, Delta Children’s Products has strived to offer the finest quality baby products for all families – a concept that began at the very beginning with the desire to help new parents choose the most fundamental of products for their new babies.

Then in 1984, his first grandchild was born and Louis took his vision a step further. Louis presented his crib concept to a patent clerk without the aid of tools, hooks or screws. Within three minutes a brilliantly conceived baby crib stood fully assembled in the center of the Washington US Patent office. The patent clerk, a father himself, was quite impressed and recognized the revolutionary difference that the product before him could offer. Louis left his office that afternoon with a patent in hand.

From that day forward, Louis made a commitment to design children’s furniture for families who sought stylish design that encompassed quality, safety and the ease that every family could afford and trust.

Today, Delta is trusted by millions of families worldwide. Delta continues to be the industry leader in manufacturing cribs and providing safe, high-quality and budget-friendly children’s furniture for baby’s comfort and your peace of mind.

Delta Children’s Products is led by Louis Shamie’s two sons, Sam and Joseph Shamie.

We are committed to JPMA and CSPC guidelines. It is our promise to provide juvenile furniture and products that adhere to the industry highest safety and quality standards.
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